ESP Ra.De. Psi launches December 19 in Japan, adds ‘Arcade Plus Mode’

The M2 ShotTriggers release of Cave-developed shoot ’em up ESP Ra.De. is officially titled ESP Ra.De. Psi and will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch on December 19 in Japan for 6,800 yen at retail and 4,500 yen via download, developer M2 announced.

A 9,800 yen limited edition will also be available. It includes a copy of the game, 100-page art book (including new interviews and more), soundtrack, ESPer stickers, and an instruction card.

ESP Ra.De. Psi

ESP Ra.De. Psi

First-print copies of the game include a “Road to ESPer” strategy guide for beginners.

ESP Ra.De. Psi is a collaborative effort between M2 and original creator Junya Inoue to resurrect the 1998-released arcade shoot ’em up. Not only does it include a complete port of the original version, it adds a new mode, new visuals, and new voice-overs.

ESP Ra.De. Psi

ESP Ra.De. Psi

“Arcade Plus Mode” is based on the original ESP Ra.De., but features new visuals illustrated by Junya Inoue and new voice-overs. It aims to deliver a richer ESP Ra.De. that expands upon the worldview. The voice cast includes:

  • Yuusuke Sagami (voiced by Keitarou Inamura)
  • J-B 5th (voiced by Akira Hiejima)
  • Irori Mimasaka (voiced by Yukari Fujihara)
  • Miss Garra (voiced by Aki Shibata)
  • Satoru Oumi (voiced by Satoshi Sunaga)
  • Alice Clone (voiced by Rena Koba)
  • ??? (voiced by Junya Inoue)

M2 will host a field test for Arcade Plus Mode at Hirose Entertainment Yard by Taito in Akihabara, Tokyo from August 8 to 21. The location test will run on a Windows substrate version of the game and feature all of its M2 Gadgets. M2 hopes to gather feedback from players to make the December-due home release the best it can be. M2 will also host live streams during the location test window for fans who are unable to come play the game themselves.

On September 7 from 13:00 JST to 18:00 JST, M2 will host a free-to-enter ESP Ra.De. Psi hands-on event at Hirose Musen Building in collaboration with BEEP, which will also have the X68000 and Switch versions of the May-announced Cotton Reboot playable, as well as announce new information.

Visit the official website here.

Thanks, Dengeki Online.

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