Fairy Tail game adds playable Rogue, Kagura, Sherria, Sting, and Ichiya

Fairy Tail

Rogue Cheney, Kagura Mikazuchi, Sherria Blendy, Sting Eucliffe, and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki will be playable characters in the Fairy Tail RPG developed by Gust, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.

The magazine also introduces the following system information:

  • Unison Raid – A combination magic attack by two characters.
  • Awakening – Drastically enhances a characters abilities for a fixed window of time.
  • Mode Change – A strengthened state that can be used by some characters.
  • Super Magic – Makarov backs you up with Super Magic. Has a fixed chance of being activated through continued magic cooperation.

Fairy Tail is due out for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in 2020.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/11/fairy-tail-game-adds-playable-rogue-kagura-sherria-sting-and-ichiya

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