Famous Fortnite Youtuber Gets Permanent Ban For Aimbot Use

Having over 2million subscribers on Youtube, it seems that Faze Jarvis hit a brick wall as he was banned permanently from playing Fortnite for cheating.

The funny side of the story is that he didn’t do anything to conceal of his activity with the cheat software, where it was even the subject of a video (that got him banned). He states in the open of his intent to use aimbot on an alternate account and began playing, where he owned everyone in the process.

Despite the video already been taken down by Jarvis, thankfully there’s one that’s captured by Fortnite Area. You can check the video below.

After the incident, Jarvis uploaded an apology video on his Youtube, where he admits of his wrongdoings and ignorance for the game’s Community Rules and EULA.

Pokdepinion: It was always an invite to disaster when you put content that violate rules. Hopefully he’ll learn from it. Now I wonder of what’ll happen. What will he play next?

Source : https://pokde.net/gaming/personality/famous-fortnite-youtuber-gets-permanent-ban-for-aimbot-use/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

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