Fantasy world exploration game Tasomachi for PC ‘Alpha 3.0’ trailer


Japanese developer Orbital Express has released a new “Alpha 3.0” trailer for Tasomachi (full name Tasogare ni Nemuru MachiA City Sleeping in Twilight), an adventure game for PC set in “an oriental fantasy world.”

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


A girl named Yukumo sets off on a journey aboard her revered airship. Upon arrival at an oriental city she visits on errand duty, the Dynamo Cores that power her airship run dry. To find more Dynamo Cores, she decides to explore the city. But the city was silent, as if it were asleep.

The humans that were supposed to be living there were nowhere to be found. Only the cat people known as the Nezuneko remained…

Tasogare ni Nemuru Machi is an adventure game where you can freely explore an oriental fantasy world. You take on the role of Yukumo and explore a mysterious city to obtain items to restore the airship’s energy with the goal to move forward.

Key Features

  • Get lost in and freely explore a mysterious city where time passes slowly.
  • Communicate with the townspeople.
  • Explore various locations such as highways, bridges, and valleys.
  • Enjoy a unique, oriental fantasy world.

Tasomachi is due out for PC via Steam in early 2021. It will only support Japanese.

Watch the trailer below. Visit the official website here.

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