Final Fantasy XV- Release date, new anime series, and more

Square Enix uncovered quite a bit on their latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise during a special event last night. It’s now been confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will hit the PS4 and Xbox One on September 30. The date had been leaked earlier than the event by both GameSpot and Game Informer. In addition to the standard issue of the game, Square Enix also announced two collector’s versions.
The Deluxe Edition will contain the game, steelbook packaging, the CGI movie Kingsglaive (more on that in a bit), and in game bonus content. The Deluxe Edition will run you $89.99 (USD).
The Ultimate Collector’s Edition contains the same content as the Deluxe Edition along with four more in game packs, a Play arts Kai Noctis figure, a soundtrack, and a 192 page hardcover art book. This edition is available only through the Square Enix Online Store and will be limited to 30,000 units. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will set you back $269.99 (USD).
A new trailer for the game was also released. Check it out below.

A new demo, featuring a young Noctis, has also been released and is available for download now. Check out the trailer below.

Also announced at the Uncovered event was a new full length CGI movie called Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. The film will star Lena Headey as Princess Luna, Sean Bean as King Regis, and Aaron Paul as Nyx. The film will be released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment this year prior to the game’s release date. It will be available for streaming or download. Check out the trailer below.

And finally, an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures was announced. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV chronicles how Noctis and the other characters in the game became friends. The five part series will be available for free online (a sixth bonus episode will be available to those who purchase the Ultimate Collector’s Edition), with part one available now. The full series will be released prior to the game. Take a look at the trailer below.

Plenty of things to occupy fans until the September 30 release of the game, as you can see. Stay tuned for more on Final Fantasy XV as it becomes available.

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