First Impressions: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call






During my initial playtime with the game, I encountered much of what I loved about the original yet many aspects were substantially improved.  Some of the highlights include a new quest mode, more characters that are easier than ever to unlock, and substantially more songs than the original, spanning a wide variety of Square’s games.


The fact that the game has so much to offer both the Final Fantasy and the music fan, is a bit surprising, given its auspicious beginnings, as it starts out almost exactly like the previous game.  You’ll quickly find, however, that hiding just underneath the surface are a plethora of improvements, to almost every area of the game, from the mechanics, to the rewards, to the roe playing elements, which in the prequel may have taken a back sear to the rest of the game, but have been tinkered with and while they appear functionally similar to the last game, fans of the series will soon find that it’s easier than ever to level up your favorite characters and teach them new abilities and skills.


Music is still the primary focus of the game, and there is definitely no shortage of it here.  While the original game made use of the core series of games, from one to thirteen, like every other aspect of the game, Curtain Call goes a step further and not only utilizes those core games, but also includes selections from XIII-2, Lightning Returns, A Realm Reborn, Crisis Core, Type 0, and even includes some fan favorites such as Mystic Quest and Chocobo’s Dungeon.

Stay tuned for our full review, coming soon!


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    Will have to try this out at some point.

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