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Sam Fisher has been MIA for a long time. His only appearance on current-gen machines was a small cameo in Ghost Recon Wildlands, but since then we’ve heard nothing of the super spy. Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? He’s not supposed to be seen or heard.

My pathetically poor jokes aside, the lack of Splinter Cell has been felt this generation. With Hideo Kojima leaving the Metal Gear series behind, there’s a real void when it comes to stealth action games. A void that could be filled with a new Splinter Cell, if only Ubisoft would actually bloody make one.

Now, this isn’t confirmation that Ubisoft has heard our collective cries, but the former Creative Director of the Splinter Cell series, Maxime Beland, is apparently heading back to Ubisoft offices, though in what capacity is yet to be made clear. This comes by way of VGC, who reports that after less than a year at Fortnite developer Epic Games, Beland is on his way back to Ubisoft as the company tries to differentiate its games from one another and try to bring its portfolio back up to scratch after a series of disappointing sales.

It could be that Beland is being brought on board because he knows what makes a great Splinter Cell game, or it could be any number of other reasons. Fingers crossed for the first one, though, because we could all do with a bit more Splinter Cell in our lives.

Source: VGC

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