Game Developer Says That 4K Gaming Is “Useless”

Technology has been moving ever so over the past few years, with now 4K gaming getting more and more attention. Is it a necessity? Well according to Dino Patti, it is “useless“.

Who is he exactly? Well he is the co-founder and former CEO of Playdead, the people who brought you Limbo and Inside.

He has said that it (4K gaming) is only being advertised to help with hardware sales. Here’s what he has to say on it:

I think (4K gaming) is useless. It’s something that’s being pushed by tech vendors to push the next console. (Manufacturers) don’t respect the natural evolution of games and you force technology. Microsoft with Kinect, they paid studios to make a lot of s***ty games”

Dino Patty

Pokdepinion: It is true that good graphics doesn’t always equate to good games. Though they do look nice to the eyes… What do you think about his opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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