Gamer Hijacks Airport Monitor To Play His PS4

Waiting for your flight to arrive can be a boring moment and we couldn’t agree more. Well one man in the US felt so bored that he took the initiative to hijack one of the airport’s monitor in order to play his PS4.

The man simply took out his console and plugged it at the airport’s information monitor that showcases the schedule of flights and simply played Apex Legends on the spot.

Of course, his actions was noticed by the staffs. He was then approached and was asked to “unplug and cease using the monitors at the airport”. To our amusement, he still asked politely on whether he could finish his round first in the game.

His request was then denied by the authorities (understandably). Subsequently, Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds used the incident as a “good reminder of what not to do at the airport”.

Pokdepinion: We know how addictive gaming can be but to that extent? I feel bad for him.. Maybe he’d be better off with a Nintendo Switch perhaps? 

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