New Releases For The Week Of October 10, 2016

Big week with plenty of new releases for gamers to dive into, and a new way for PlayStation owners to play as well. PlayStation VR hits store shelves Thursday, bringing with it plenty of launch titles. In addition to that, we have the son of Marcus Fenix doing battle with aliens in Gears of War 4, Lara Croft’s latest adventure Rise of the Tomb Raider hits the PS4 with a 20 year anniversary edition containing all DLC (those on the Xbox One will get all new content as well if they are season pass holders), and wrestling fans can jump into the ring with WWE2K17. Metal Gear V gets a definitive addition and Duke Nukem 3D gets a 20th Anniversary edition. And then there’s the Minecraft meets Dragon Quest game in Dragon Quest Builders (the demo is out ahead of Tuesday’s launch to check out- it’s a cute take on the Minecraft formula). Hitting home video this week is the 2016 reboot/remake of Ghostbusters (now with the subtitle Answer the Call), the Yuletide horror flick Krampus, the child friendly Ice Age: Collision Course, the action adventure The Legend of Tarzan, and the Bryan Cranston thriller The Infiltrator. On the big screen we get the Ben Affleck led thriller The Accountant and the comedy concert mixed with concept footage Kevin Hart: What Now?. Off we go to this week’s list and, as always, remember that release dates are subject to change.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Gears of War 4- PC, Xbox One

WWE2K17- PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Metal Gear V: The Definitive Experience- PC, PS4, Xbox One

Rise of the Tomb Raider- PS4

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour- PC, PS4, Xbox One

Dragon Quest Builders-PS4, PlayStation Vita

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni- PlayStation Vita

Manuel Samuel- PC, PS4


Ghostbusters (2016)


Ice Age: Collision Course

Feed the Beast: Season One

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands

Nurse Jill

The Musketeers: Season 3

The Legend of Tarzan

Blood Father

The Infiltrator

Good Witch: Season 2

Mike & Molly: The Complete Sixth Season

Adventure Time: The Complete Sixth Season

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Gonner- Linux, Macintosh, PC

Mantis Burn Racing- PS4, Xbox One

Thursday, October 13, 2016


PlayStation VR- PS4


Rez Infinite- PS4

Driveclub VR- PS4

Thumper- PS4

Moto Racer 4- PC, PS4, Xbox One

Battlezone VR- PS4

Batman: Arkham VR- PS4

EVE Valkyrie- PS4

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood- PS4

The Assembly- PS4

Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure- Nintendo 3DS

Sports Bar VR- PS4

Ace Banana- PS4

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live- PS4

Harmonix Music VR- PS4

Rollercoaster Dreams- PS4

Loading Human- PC, PS4

Cyber Danganroppa VR- PS4

SuperHyperCube- PS4

PlayStation VR Worlds- PS4

Shadow Warrior 2- PC

Here They Lie- PS4

Job Simulator- PS4

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League- PS4

Gunjack- PS4

Disney Magical World 2- Nintendo 3DS

Friday, October 14, 2016


Manuel Samuel- Xbox One


The Accountant

Kevin Hart: What Now?


And that wraps things up for this week. Next week, it’s war in the trenches with Battlefield 1 and Jack Reacher returns in a new action sequel on the big screen. Til next time…

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