Gensokyo Night Festival now available via Steam Early Access

Gensokyo Night Festival

Gensokyo Night Festival, a 2D action exploration / Metroidvania-style game set in the Touhou Project world of Gensokyo, is now available for PC via Steam Early Access, publisher Playism and developer tea_basira announced. It will cost $11.69 until October 20, after which the price will change to $12.99.

The Early Access version of Gensokyo Night Festival includes the first stage. The version 1.0 release, which is scheduled for release in spring 2020, will include all six stages.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Use Suika’s powers of controlling “density” and “sparseness” to go up against all sorts of colorful enemies and gimmicks in this Metroidvania-style title.

Join the almighty Suika on her journey through the beautiful world of Gensokyo.

Key Features

  • Combo, shooting, and counter-attack action!
  • Two types of charge attack! Featuring density charges and sparseness charges, unleashing an attack while charging adds the respective properties of “density” and “sparseness” to the attack.
  • Power-based action:
    • Warp Shots – Suika uses her powers of “density” to move at supersonic speeds. She can fire a shot that will allow her to warp to where the shot lands. Move about the wide-open landscape with ease.
    • Controlling Density

The Awesome Characters in Part 1

  • Suika Ibuki – An oni with the power to control “density” and “sparseness.”
  • Rumia – A youkai with the power to control “darkness.”

Watch the launch trailer below.

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