Giraffe and Annika for PC launches February 18

Giraffe and Annika

Giraffe and Annika will launch for PC via Steam on February 18, new publisher Playism and developer Atelier Mimina announced.

While the game was previously published by Unties, Playism announced that it has taken over publishing from Unties in order “to maximize the potential of the title.”

Giraffe and Annika is also planned for release on PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2020, but a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Join the cat-eared heroine Annika on her adventures on the mysterious island of Spica! Tasked by the young boy Giraffe, she sets off to find the fragments of the stars. Solve the islands hidden mysteries!

Key Features

  • Adventure! – Explore the mysterious island of Spica! Uncover hidden secrets on the island!
  • Rhythm! – Defeat bosses with the beat! Synchronize your attacks to the music to overcome challenges!
  • Comics! – See the world of Giraffe and Annika brought to life in beautiful, manga-inspired style!
  • Dungeons! – Challenge five unique dungeons on the island to recover the star fragments and help recover Annika’s memories!
  • Collectibles! – Find cute cat collectibles hidden all over the island! Expand your gallery and unlock prizes!


Annika awoke from a strange dream to find herself stranded on the mysterious “Spica Island!”

Upon exploring, she meets a boy named Giraffe, who seems to know her, yet she can’t remember him at all. Giraffe tasks Annika with finding three special star fragments on the island. Only then will she be able to unravel the mystery!

While searching for the fragments, Annika meets Lily, the Witch of the Mysterious Forest! After winning a battle with Lily, Annika uncovers the star fragments and absorbs it into herself. What strange visions will the star fragment grant her?

Help Annika as she explores the island in search of the star fragments and her lost memories! What awaits our feline adventurer on this island of secrets?!


  • Annika – Annika has lost her memory… But even with such hardship before her the carefree and gentle Annika, along with her little bluebird companion Pipi, go on the adventure of a lifetime in order to discover herself!
  • Giraffe – A strange denizen of the island, Giraffe has given Annika her quest to find the missing star fragments. Though he makes a lot of demands, he seems gentle and calm. And perhaps he knows more about the island than he’s told Annika…
  • Lily – A wily witch that loves to cause trouble for Annika on her quest! She’s bossy and loud, but that’s what people love about her! She seems to be related to Annika’s past, somehow…

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