God Eater 3 details Development Summit improvements, new gameplay

God Eater 3 details Development Summit improvements, new gameplay

A long list of adjustments and changes.

God Eater 3

Bandai Namco hosted a live stream today where it detailed the changes made to God Eater 3 since the game’s last playable display in March, discussed the Custom Bullet system, and showcased new gameplay.

Get the details below.

■ Improvements Since the Development Summit in March


  • Camera distance can now be selected from five levels.
  • Camera distance can now be changed with the d-pad buttons (the default buttons are up and down).
  • Adjusted camera turning speed.
  • Adjusted camera behavior at walls.
  • Adjusted the camera as not to run wild in situations where the character is not visible, such as the camera mounting on high ground.
  • Adjusted camera-following when performing quick actions such as the character turning.
  • Made small objects on the field (such as weeds) disappear when the camera approaches.
  • Changed lock-on button from R3 to a long press of L1.
  • Made it possible to set the camera to either the right stick or the d-pad buttons.

God Arc Actions

  • Adjusted the cancel frames of all God Arc actions.
  • Made it possible to use turning attacks during steps.
  • Made the completion of actions that require a gauge easier to understand.
  • Made the hit or reception of a Link Burst bullet to an ally easier to understand.
  • Changed the amount of stamina consumed for a dive based on the type of armor.
  • Made adjustments as to calculate the damage dealt by a dive based on the armor’s defense power.
  • Biting Edge: Made improvements as to use a “transformation attack” without stopping the attack flow.
  • Biting Edge: Implemented a step attack in the mow-down blade form.
  • Biting Edge: Implemented a long mow-down blade form into the mow-down blade form.
  • Ray Gun: Made it possible to lock-on.
  • Ray Gun: Improved camera turn speed when aiming.
  • Other God Arc behavioral adjustments.


  • Adjusted the amount of effects and tint in order to improve visibility during battle.
  • “Double Jump” has returned as a basic Burst effect.
  • Made adjustments to give the character a painful expression upon running out of stamina.
  • When an Ashland Aragami is in the Burst state, the player can shorten their Burst by landing a devour attack.
  • The operation for opening and closing the item palette and command palette has been restored to that of the previous games.
  • Implemented a UI that makes it easier to understand progress in meeting the conditions for activating an Accelerator Trigger during missions.
  • Adjusted the UI to make it easier to notice when stamina depletes.
  • Made it easier to notice when an ally has fallen.

Base and System

  • Implemented emotes, including the “Rolling Dance.”
  • Implemented a feature to display accepted misisons at the base.
  • Implemented a feature to adjust the brightness of the screen.

■ Custom Bullets

In God Eater 3, Custom Bullets have been changed to work with using bullet count rather than Oracle Points. It uses a cost system where the more powerful the Custom Bullet, the higher the cost and the lesser the number of bullets you can bring on a mission.

God Eater Fan Club

God Eater Fan Club is a free God Eater series fan site that will start taking pre-registrations in August. Users who pre-register will be entered in a raffle to be invited to a special event.

Special Event #1

On September 2, Bandai Namco will host a God Eater 3 hands-on event and developer talk show featuring the latest build of the game, which includes the above changes, both single-player and four-person multiplayer, and a mission to defeat new Aragami Barbarius.

God Eater 3 will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC. A release date has yet to be announced.

Watch the footage below at the following time stamps:

  • 1:03:36 to 1:05:23
  • 1:11:02 to 1:13:36
  • 1:17:37 to 1:19:00
  • 1:20:44 to 1:22:57
  • 1:31:50 to 1:36:17
  • 1:59:57 to 2:01:23

Source : https://gematsu.com/2018/07/god-eater-3-details-development-summit-improvements-new-gameplay

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Bender Bending Rodríguez

Bender Bending Rodríguez

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