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Hayfever? Who would make a game based around the single most annoying thing about summer? Pixadome and Zordix Publishing, apparently, as the developer and publisher have announced that they’ll be releasing Hayfever on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the near future.

The announcement doesn’t come with a release date, mind you, just a vague Q1 2020 release window, so it could be anytime over the next couple of months.

While we don’t have a release date, we do have the original announcement trailer full of sneezy action. Yes, sneezy action. Some video game characters are really strong, others can jump really well, but Hayfever’s Thomas the postman is a world-class sneezer. It’s a unique idea, I’ll give them that at least.

The basic premise of Hayfever is that Thomas the postman has lost his letters due to a sneezing fit, and now he needs to track them all down so he can deliver them to their recipients. There’s no word on whether he’ll be fired if he doesn’t. Maybe just a first written warning.

Thomas the postman will collect his lost letters by… sneezing. His nasal cannons are superior to most, and by the power of sneezes, he can jump higher than anyone, so long as there’s pollen around. Yes, it sounds mental, but as far as platformers go, it’s a unique spin on getting little people to jump from left to right for a few hours. If only actual hayfever granted such powers…

Key Features:

  • A fast-paced, challenging platformer with cute & squishy pixel-art.
  • Who needs double-jumping? Touch pollen to sneeze through the air.
  • Gain other strange new powers from smog and other allergens.
  • 140 levels across four seasons, and 240 optional collectibles to find.
  • Designed for speed. Master its movement and fly through the levels.
  • A toe-tapping, whimsical soundtrack by Knasibas.

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Source : https://pureplaystation.com/hayfever-is-coming-soon-to-ps4/2020/01/

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