Hefty Update Coming to Panzer Dragoon: Remake

Fans were surprised when Panzer Dragoon: Remake dropped out of the blue on the same day as the last Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast. It was certainly a cause for some celebration, but the state of the game itself stoked a bit of ire among fans. In brief, Panzer was a little rough around the edges. In an interview, Panzer Dragoon World spoke with the co-producer of the remake, Benjamin Anseaume, about an upcoming update to the game.

Clicking the above Tweet will take you to the interview itself, but here’s a summary of what to expect from the update:

  • HD Rumble
  • 60FPS is added
  • Input lag reduced/rotation improved
  • Gyro controls
  • Sound effects are reworked
  • Several face button to fire/lock
  • Auto lock system as an option

All of these tweaks, in conjunction with the previous update that incorporated composer Saori Kobayashi’s remixed soundtrack into the game, look to bring some excellent sounding quality of life adjustments to Panzer. There’s no arrival date yet for the update, but as soon as we hear it we’ll pass it along to all of you. In the meanwhile, tell us what you think about Panzer Dragoon: Remake and if this update something you’re looking forward to!

Source: Panzer Dragoon World Twitter Page

Source : https://www.nintendojo.com/news/single-stories/hefty-update-coming-to-panzer-dragoon-remake

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