Helix: Review of the episode “Survivor Zero”- “No one gets out alive.”


Well, it seems that the true villain of Helix has arrived, and it comes in the form of Seven of Nine (from Star Trek: Voyager) herself. Jeri Ryan joins the cast as Constance Sutton, a representative of Ilaria Corporation, the parent company of Arctic Biosystems. She arrives with an armed force that includes her right hand man Lt. Klein (Christian Jadah), and promptly threatens Hatake. The question of not only who Hatake was working for but who Balleseros was working for seems to have been answered. Hatake’s goal was simple- provide a virus and a cure. Unfortunately for him, he’s only lived up to half his deal. Sutton wants to help Alan and his team find the cure before she enacts a null protocol, which is made quite clear as to what that is. “Say it!” she demands of Hatake. “No one gets out alive,” he responds.

The episode moved things forward by finally revealing the villain behind it all, even if motives aren’t yet clear. Balleseros and Anana make it back to the research facility, where Anana recognizes Daniel as her missing brother, Miksa. Julia struggles with headaches and blurred vision as a result of her silvery eyes, though those eyes come in handy at chasing a Vector away. That still isn’t clear on why or how that works, as Vectors seem to move away from Hatake as well. And it remains to be seen what the connection to those eyes are, as Sutton and Balleseros both have them, flashing them like an extra eyelid. And is Julia “Survivor Zero”, as hallucination-Peter tells her? And why was Julia hallucinating Peter instead of Alan? These questions have yet to be answered.

The episode had some nice sequences, with a decent jump scare involving Julia and a Vector, and a Vector attack on Suhelixtton’s team, along with Alan, who ventured down to Level R to retrieve Julia. It was Hatake who got to Dr. Walker first, and brought her safely back topside, where a surprised Alan embraced her and marveled at her being cured, at least until he saw her silver eyes. Poor Sarah looked on as Alan hugged his ex-wife, no doubt wondering what was going to happen between them. And speaking of relationships, just what is going on between Sutton and Balleseros, whose job it was to get into the facility and not only get the virus and cure, but to investigate Hatake as well. The kiss between the Major and Constance seems like there’s more to the pair than meets the eye, even if she does have him put in isolation to keep up appearances. Those appearances need to be kept up if Sutton wants Alan’s help in finding the cure, since Alan accused Balleseros in front of her of killing Dr. Boyle.

Hatake, who started off looking like the villain of the series in the first episode, seems to be coming under siege from all sides. Sutton’s presence (“My corporate patrons,” he tells Alan) can only spell trouble, and he seemed genuinely distraught over the fact Julia has developed the silver eyes. And being confronted by Daniel and Anana over the missing children is helping things either. It still unclear as to what connection exists between Hatake and Julia, though it also seems obvious that something is there. He made sure Sutton didn’t reach her first, as Sutton planned on killing her. Julia is safe for now, but for how long? For that matter, how long are any of them safe before Sutton and Ilaria decide to pull the plug?

And as it has all season long, the episode left us with a cliffhanger, with several Vectors breaking out of the ceiling and prowling the hallways. Looks like escapees from Level R have made it to the upper floors. Things are getting dire indeed for our team from the CDC, and the show continues to be solid enough to make you come back for more.



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