Helldivers: Proving Grounds update launches October 25

Helldivers: Proving Grounds

Arrowhead Studios will release a major content update for Helldivers on October 25 at 3:00 a.m. PT / 6:00 a.m. ET, which includes the completely new game mode “Proving Grounds,” the developer announced.

Here are the details, via Arrowhead Studios:

Helldivers: Dive Harder includes a completely new game mode called Proving Grounds, an improved loadout system, as well as some tweaks and balancing changes.

Proving Grounds

A Proving Ground is a unique replayable mission that takes place in a city, purpose built as a training facility. Captured enemies have been let loose to roam the streets and give the Helldivers an opportunity to hone their skills.

A Proving Ground mission consists of three components.

  • Challenge: A challenge is the actual objective the Helldivers are tasked to complete. These are familiar from the main game, rescue civilians or activate SAM-sites for example.
  • Modifier: A modifier mix things up and force the Helldiver to stay sharp. For example unexpected orbital bombardment strikes the city, or the electricity goes out plunging the map into darkness…
  • Condition: A condition primarily affects the loadout available to the Helldiver, like shotguns only, or only defensive stratagems, or perhaps a new weapon every time you reload!

There are three different Proving Grounds available during a Galactic Campaign and they unlock as the campaign proceeds. At the end of the campaign all three Proving Grounds resets. New Proving Grounds unlocks in the next Galactic Campaign, with new combinations of challenges, modifiers and conditions.

With great risk comes great reward! Helldivers who climb to the top of a Proving Ground’s leaderboard at the end of the Galactic Campaign will be awarded a cape by Super Earth Command.

Check out this Development Video for more details:

Improved Loadout System

Helldivers: Dive Harder introduces both favorite- and random loadout options.

Favorite loadouts allow the player to define up to three different combinations of weapons, perks and stratagems for quick access when starting a mission.

Players who want to add an element of surprise to their game can now select the random loadout option, which will select randomly among unlocked weapons, perks and stratagems.

Tweaks and Balancing Changes

Helldivers: Dive Harder also includes tweaks and balancing changes. These are based on the feedback we have gathered from the community (yes, you can now skip the Galactic Campaign Summary…). Please stay tuned for full patch notes.

Helldivers is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC.

Watch a video showcasing the new game mode below.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/10/helldivers-proving-grounds-update-launches-october-25

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