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Doom Eternal is sitting pretty high on my list of most anticipated games in 2020. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about this one, let me introduce you to a new trailer. It has all the fast action with fountains of demon blood splattering everywhere that you remember, and it seems to take everything from the last game and turns it up to 11. The music seems like an excellent return to form as well.

There are some substantial changes shown in the trailer. This time the invasion of hell’s minions isn’t on some distant military installation on Mars. It’s literally hell on Earth. Doomguy surveys the damage from his space station orbiting the mass destruction and warps down to the planet to put the hurt on anything that gets in his way. As far as new weapons, we see a glowing red sword to rip and tear through enemies.

The other really big change from the past is the continued expansion of the lore. We hear voices opposing him and a voice sending him to help. There are what look like soldiers saluting him and others with red blades threatening him. (Bad move, fellas. You’re going to want to let this one go.) His own mythos is growing, and the symbolism is interesting. We also see part of his face underneath the helmet.

For the action-y parts, it’s awesome. Really, really awesome, and there are more moves and mobility than ever. I like more lore, but will this game be more story-driven than previous entries, even the 2016 release, that stripped away so many things to keep the priority on the combat? Will we even care if it still feels great and looks great? Probably not, and that’s OK.

I’m looking forward to having all of these questions answered (or ignored) when Doom Eternal reaches Earth and store shelves on March 20, 2020.

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