Helpful Tips For free Fire Snipers

Helpful Tips For Free Fire Snipers

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the world right now. Garena recently announced that the game is the number one game in multiple regions and the player base is growing. The esports tournaments for Garena’s Free Fire are also fantastic to watch. If you’re looking for some Free Fire Diamonds to rank up faster, OffGamers has got you covered right here.

Free Fire is a battle royale game with a spin-off. But just like any other battle royale, you try to survive. The game offers plenty of ways to play and enjoy, but nothing can beat the satisfaction coming from a perfect sniper shot. Today we are going to get you that perfect shot with some “Helpful Tips For Free Fire Snipers”.


Playstyle is Important

Maybe the most important point is to choose a suitable sniper for your gameplay style. There are a lot of sniper rifle selections within the game, some are suitable for long-range sniping and some are fantastic on the short-range. You need to find the best weapon for your playstyle. 

Think about how you want to engage your enemies, if you believe that you prefer a long-range engagement, then pick a weapon suitable for that. For mid-range engagements, we suggest the Kar98K, since it is suitable for mid-range even though you cannot one-shot an enemy. 

For extreme power, we recommend the AWM. This weapon is the strongest rifle in many other games, not only in Free Fire. You can take down enemies with one shot at nearly any distance with this beast. Also, if you tend to miss shots, we recommend the VSS as it comes with a big magazine and it is semi-automatic.


The Higher The Better

There is a reason why snipers tend to position themselves on hills, or on top of buildings. The reason is twofold, number one you can get a fantastic view of the surrounding terrain and not miss any movement. Number two is there is a lesser chance of you missing and a greater chance for you to headshot an enemy. 

When you are playing with a sniper, it is better to be on higher ground, since your enemies will also hate fighting you from below, as it is much harder to hit a target located above them. Free Fire has some fantastic vantage points that you can take advantage of. There are many elevated locations across many maps. Map knowledge is really important and can play a big role, so make sure to know your surroundings and react according to that.


Patience is a Virtue

When you are playing Free Fire, you must have noticed that sometimes, you just die in a matter of seconds, before you can even respond. This is because some of the players are waiting for you to be in the perfect spot, so you cannot escape. If you are in the middle of an open field, for example, you cannot hide and run away. 

Well, if you are playing as a sniper you need to be patient, do not pull the trigger the moment you see the enemy. Wait for them to move to a location that is perfect for your shot. Remember to just be patient and wait for the perfect moment for your perfect headshot.


Stop Moving

Moving is not an option when you are sniping in Free Fire. You simply cannot move when you are taking a shot, it will ruin your accuracy and whatever you hit will be out of luck. That is why you should not use most snipers in short distances where you need to move constantly to dodge bullets. 

This does not mean that you should just stand there like a tree, but you need to stop moving once you’ve zoomed in on the enemy. Remember to keep your shot stable, and you will have maximum accuracy.


Landing Spots

When you are playing any battle royale there will be some spots that offer pretty good loot. Free Fire is no exception. There are some pretty decent places where you can find a sniper easier than most. Keep in mind that snipers are pretty rare in the game. The best locations are The Mill, Outpost, and the Power Plant. 

However, keep in mind that Power Plant is a big mess when you land and the chances of you leaving alive are pretty slim. The Mill is slightly quieter at least and more manageable.


Switch Weapons

If you are using a sniper rifle, you need another weapon to help you with the close range. We do not suggest you enter close-range fights with a sniper rifle. You need to switch your weapon as soon as you have an enemy in close proximity. 

But of course, maybe you have a medium-range sniper, then we suggest you have an SMG for CQC. But if you have a long-range sniper rifle, it might be better to pair it up with an assault rifle which you can also use for medium to close range. 


Hiding Locations

Well, this comes to personal preference but you can find fantastic places to hide in the Peak. Tower near Peak and Factory can offer some decent places to hide. You can even climb on some of the buildings in Capetown. When you are hiding it is best to be safe rather than trying to get some kills and die later because you were not hiding very well. So, safety first. 


Don’t Panic

Everybody misses shots, even the best players can miss an easy shot. However, what sets them apart is that they can control their feelings. When you are playing a high stake game like Free Fire, it is important to stay calm, even if you miss a shot, you can still take out your enemy. Just be calm and either switch your weapon or take another shot.


Free Fire is improving as a battle royale, once seen as a copycat of PUBG Mobile, managed to create their own brand and players are loving it. Free Fire won several awards last year in Esports Awards and the game is on a great route to further success. According to recent reports, there are many improvements coming to the game in the near future. If you did not give it a try yet, we highly recommend Free Fire, you will love it. Leet Gamers Asia
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