Here’s Analogue’s beautiful Pocket ⊟We’ve covered Analogue’s…

Here’s Analogue’s beautiful Pocket ⊟

We’ve covered Analogue’s gorgeous, high-end retro hardware here a lot, but now the company has officially taken up residence in Tiny Cartridge’s wheelhouse. The Analogue Pocket is a $200 handheld with a USB-C charger, a  1600×1440 screen, stereo speakers, and – this is the important bit – compatibility with all Game Boy, Color, and Advance games, plus available adapters for Game Gear, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Color, “and more.”

The thing also comes with the chiptune sequencer Nanoloop preinstalled, meaning it’s useful as a musical instrument!

Instead of emulation, the Pocket uses the same kind of FPGA-based hardware as previous Analogue consoles, which is to say games should run really accurately.

And with an optional dock, this thing will output to TV and connect to Bluetooth controllers. It’ll be out sometime next year!


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