Here’s How You Can Trade-up Your 1st Gen Nintendo Switch To Switch Lite Or Enhanced Version From Just RM99

Local gaming store Impulse Gaming is offering a trade-in program, where you can upgrade your original 1st generation Nintendo Switch to a Nintendo Switch Lite or even the enhanced version that’s fitted with a better battery for better performance.

It seems that for you to enjoy the program from just RM99, you will need to accept the store’s T&C first and then bring your console. They will then have your device to be examined and adjust the price accordingly. They seem to accept both working and damaged units of the original Nintendo Switch.

As you can guess from its name, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller version that comes with a battery life up to seven hours. It however doesn’t have the capability to be docked and doesn’t come with removable JoyCon controllers.

With the newer version of the Nintendo Switch, it improves on the original’s battery performance while maintaining the rest of the features.

For more details, you can head to Impulse Gaming’s Facebook page.

Pokdepinion: Sounds like a deal. I guess just make sure that your Nintendo Switch is near to perfect for that RM99 price.

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