Heroland is Getting a Physical Release on PS4 in Europe and Australia This Month

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We may still be in the grips of winter, but how about a trip to a tropical island for an RPG adventure? That’s an easy way to shake away the winter blues, and from January 31sr you’ll be able to do just that with Heroland on PS4.

Marvellous Europe has announced today that Heroland will be getting a physical release in the UK, Europe, and Australia, though only while stocks last. The physical edition has previously been available in North America.

This limited edition retail release is dubbed the Knowble Edition, and this is what you’ll get for your money:

Knowble Edition:
* A physical copy of Heroland for the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
* 5” x 6” drawstring pouch
* Musical Selections CD
* 14” x 20” theme park-style folded map
* Sumo wrestling papercraft

The Knowble Edition of Heroland will be available while stocks last at selected retailers within Europe with an RPP of £39.99 and €49.99.

Welcome to Heroland—a bright, tropical theme park resort where guests partake in an authentic RPG-styled adventure, exploring dungeons, beating up baddies, and become a legendary hero! Unfortunately, the role-playing becomes reality when Lucky, an unexceptional part-time tour guide, and his guests including Elric, the spoiled, fallen prince of the Knowble Kingdom, unintentionally begin unravelling Heroland’s dark history. Now it’s up to Lucky, Elric and a ragtag team of tourists-turned-heroes to save Heroland (and the world!).

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Source : https://pureplaystation.com/heroland-is-getting-a-physical-release-on-ps4-in-europe-and-australia-this-month/2020/01/

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