Hideo Kojima Aims To Create The Scariest Horror Game — Forces Himself To Watch Horror Movies

Despite Death Stranding being launched just recently, it seems that Hideo Kojima is looking forward to his next project, a horror game.

Revealed at his Twitter account, he has said that to make the scariest horror game, he will force himself to watch a bunch of horror movies to awaken his horror soul.

Some of you might remember PT, the game that never came (well at least the full version). While he was making the game, he has said that he had watched the Thai horror film, THE EYE, which “was too scary” for him to finish watching.

Despite the reveal, it’d be foolish to expect the horror game from him anytime soon, given how recent Death Stranding is released.

Pokdepinion: I see a man that’s fully focused in his work. Talk about dedication man.

Source : https://pokde.net/gaming/personality/hideo-kojima-aims-to-create-the-scariest-horror-game-forces-himself-to-watch-horror-movies/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

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