HoloFist Press Release

HoloFist Press Release

Staffordshire, United Kingdom, April 7th – Independent developers Edgehog are excited to announce their first game, HoloFist, a dark-humoured creature battler set in a world where fighting is literally known fisting! (and nothing else!) HoloFist is currently set for 2021 release on PC via Steam, you can add the game to your wishlist now, as well as checking out the game’s new announcement trailer.

Tie-in games for animated shows can often get a bad wrap– but OUR game for the hit Notflix series “HoloFist” is a cut above– …huh? …the show doesn’t even exist? Erm… Regardless! This turn-based creature battler follows the adventures of Mindy and her HoloBuddies as she travels around the mysterious island known as “Fistopia”, where players will need to strategically manoeuvre their team through grid-based combat arenas, which combine elements of deckbuilding and rhythm-based timing, bringing a fresh take on the creature battling genre. And don’t forget to keep your buddies well fed! (Pizza is a highly recommended good XP source).


HoloFist boasts a visual style that attempts to reimagine how an old school (or skool if you’re cool) pixel RPG may look in 3D, with the character design sensibilities of modern animation; seen most strongly in the variety of our HoloBuddy designs. These are the unorthodox-yet-seriously-cute creatures that will battle to the death for your love and admiration. Will you choose Mathmoth, a moth with a creepy affinity for numbers; Pakoon, a racoon with… a notable package? Or Pieceratops, a Freshly-baked triceratops who would really prefer it if you didn’t keep trying to eat her. These are just three of the handful of HoloBuddies you will meet on your travels, each with three full stages of growth, from Gamma to beta to Alpha, with a new attack learned at each stage!

HoloFist breaks the ‘norm’ of what you have come to expect from creature battling games. Not only with the more in-depth battle system but also with the game’s humour, which, if it hasn’t been obvious yet, leans towards a more tongue-in-cheek style (Fingers thumb and palm combined, come on friends, it’s fisting time!). This humour is the backbone for the game’s narrative and will always be over-present when trying to just have a normal conversation.

HoloFist battle

HoloFist is currently planned for a 2021 release on PC via Steam. Developer Edgehog is hopeful of a console release at a later date, but the small independent team are solely focussed on the PC build of HoloFist at the moment. To keep up to date with more information on HoloFist then follow the games developmental process on Twitter or Facebook.

About Edgehog

Edgehog is a small 2-person studio, with a few extra remote contributors, all working out of our home offices. Helped in part by funding from the UK games fund, we hope the potential success of our first project can take our budding studio onto even bigger and better things.

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