Horizon Zero Dawn reportedly hits Steam in 2020

It looks like Sony’s days of publishing games exclusively for PlayStation hardware may be numbered. A new report solidifies long-standing rumours that Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi epic, Horizon: Zero Dawn will come to PC in 2020. While Sony has sort of released PS4 exclusives on PC via PlayStation Now streaming in the past, Horizon will be the publisher’s first native port to home computers.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on PC in 2020, as three anonymous sources within Sony tell Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. The game is expected to launch on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, though it’s not clear if those platforms have been officially finalised just yet.

Developer Guerrilla Games is owned by Sony, which makes a Horizon PC port a bit different from other Sony-published PS4 titles like Death Stranding (published on PC by 505 Games) and Detroit: Become Human (now self-published by developer Quantic Dream). This might mark the start of platform-agnostic releases from the PlayStation brand – a strategy we’ve seen Microsoft go all in on in the latter stages of this generation.

Sony has not officially confirmed a Horizon PC port, but the track record of Kotaku’s insider reports is golden. We know Sony is skipping E3 again this year, but expect to see the publisher find another venue to make this news official.

Source : https://www.pcgamesn.com/horizon-zero-dawn/steam

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