How to play free games and homebrew Nintendo Switch 9.0.0?

Switch FW 9.0.0 arrived for some days, the hacking guide for playing free games and homebrews were also coming out in this article. Right, you will know how to homebrew and play free Switch games in .NSP format on Swich V9.0.0 consoles here. BTW, if you have the Switch Lite with 9.0.0 firmware version, the only working device is N2 Elite, which backup and collect 200 amiibos on your console.

Are all Nintendo Switch FW 9.0.0 consoles hackable?

No, Nintendo Switch consoles released after June 2018 are all patched, the New Switch models and the most recently Switch Lite, even they are within firmware V9.0.0, You can’t Crack them too.

So how do you know if your Switch patched or not? Firstly, find out your Switch serial number, then input the serial numbers in the 2 sites, you will know the result.

Site A: Ismyswitchpatched

switch serial number

Site B: Scanner

nintendo switch serial number

And how do you know you have a New Nintendo Switch model not the original one? The New Switch machines have different Serial numbers, they are listed here too.

The new Switch should also have a serial number — visible on the bottom of the console itself — that starts with the letters XKW.

What do you need for hacking Switch V9.0.0 model?

Just 2 things you need, one Switch payload injector such as the RCM Loader One, and the Switch custom firmware Atmoshphere 0.9.4. Currently, only AMS CFW support the Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 FW, other CFWs such as SX OS, ReiNX are not updated for V9.0.0 yet.

RCMLoader One

rcmloader one switch

The RCMloader ONE is currently the cheapest payload injector for hacking Switch. It allows you to turn your console into RCM mode and inject the needed payload to start the major Switch custom firmware. It comes with a gray plastic jig that clips on the back for perfect storage. The ability to completely customize payloads is equally awesome, and the nice plastic case it all comes in is small enough to fix in most Switch cases, which is a really nice bonus.

The dongle is larger than the Xecuter SX Pro because of the battery, but a bit smaller than the R4S dongle. About the capacity of the battery, the manufacturer is silent, but the battery life is given with three months standby or 1000 injections. The charging time should be one hour. The dongle can be charged at the switch (while it is running) or on the PC / smartphone.

After installing a custom firmware (CFW) with the help of the RCMloader on your Switch, you can get these functions on your model

  • Play free Nintendo Switch games in .NSP
  • ROM hacks (eg new missions with Super Mario Odyssey)
  • Emulators (PS1, N64, SNES, GBA, etc.)
  • Homebrews (internet browser, video player, FTP client, etc.)
  • Software adjustments (console overclock, HOME menu themes)

Atmosphere 0.9.4

Atmosphère is a free CFW (custom firmware) for hackable Nintendo Switch consoles which include devices vulnerable to fusee-gelee (RCM hack) and ipatched units running FW 4.1.0 (support for firmwares up to 7.0.1 will come in the foreseeable future as the Déjà Vu exploit wasn’t fully patched till FW 8.0.0).

Together with ReiNX and SX OS, Atmosphère is one of the major CFWs for the Switch and it comes with a vast number of features including:

  • The ability to run homebrew games and applications
  • Play Switch games in .NSP
  • Support for hacking commercial games and installing custom themes
  • Custom module support (which are similar to the plugins found in the PSVita/PSP hacking scenes) allowing you to add functionality to your system such as overclocking with sys-clk
  • emuMMC which is a feature that lets you install another copy of Horizon OS on your SD Card allowing you to keep the version of Horizon OS on your system’s NAND in a clean state for online gaming with a reduced risk of getting banned
  • Many other features such as the ability to take control of your saves with Checkpoint (homebrew utility)

Many days ago, Atmosphere 0.9.4 was released out with the compatibility for Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 firmware. Currently, AMS V0.9.4 is the onlye CFW for Swtch 9.0.0 System version consoles. So to hack Switch V9.0, you have no choice but to boot Atmosphere 0.9.4 via Switch payload injectors.

Tutorial-Steps to homebrew and play free games on Switch 9.0.0

Step 1: Update the RCM Loader One

You can find the latest update on the manufacturer’s website at:

Once the file is downloaded, you have to extract its contents with software like Winrar. Inside you will find a folder called “IAP” that you simply copy to the root of your RCM Loader previously connected to the PC.

You will then simply disconnect your RCM Loader and reconnect it, the “IAP” folder will simply disappear and your RCM will be up to date.

Step 2: Update the built-in Payloads

The dongle already contains some payloads, but you can also add your own and update the existing ones. The readme.txt contains the date of the last update, as well as the built-in payloads and their color (more on this later).

When you plug the RCM Loader into your PC using the provided microUSB cable, a small 2MB (yes that’s megabyte) USB drive shows up, which you can use to configure the RCM Loader. By default, it includes payloads for Atmosphere (slot 1), ReiNX (slot 2), SX OS (slot 3), and three user slots. Slot 4 has a SX OS knockoff called XK OS installed on mine, though you can easily change it to be something else if you wish.

In each folder is a “payload.bin”, which can be overwritten (even with other payloads, of course). For example, if a new version of Atmosphere appears, you can update this payload. 

Step 3: Prepare the software

Download Atmosphère (0.9.4) and copy the contents of the folder to the start directory of your Switch microSD card.

Step 4: Launch the CFW on your Switch

Now let’s go to the use of the RCMLoader One, first check that your RCM Loader has the battery by pressing 2 seconds on the “+” button, if a light comes on then it’s ok, if it’s not the case it will be necessary to reload it.

When you charge it, the led will blink white while charging and it will stay solid white when fully charged. (Namely that one hour of charging allows to boot about 1000 times the Switch and the charge is 3 months)

The startup process should be familiar – just plug the jig into the right-hand Joy-Con connector and slide it all the way down, bridging the pins and connecting the dongle.  Start the Nintendo Switch by holding down the following keys:[Volume +] and [power button].

Then A vertical menu appears, which you control with the volume buttons and the power button. From the menu, select [Launch]> [Atmosphère] and the console will automatically reboot to the switch’s main menu.

As soon as you select [Album] in the main menu, you will notice that the usual album app does not open, but the HomeBrew Loader (Atmosphere & ReiNX) or the SX interface (SX OS).

Step 5: Play games and homebrews on FW V9.0.0

After enter the hbmenu screen, indicating that the crack is successful. Now you can enjoy homebrews, use “Tinfoil” to install .NSP Switch games to play, if you also want to play .XCI games, you should firstly covert the .XCI to .NSP, then you can play it on your Switch too.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to download .NSP or .XCI games by yourself, you can buy Switch pre-install SD Card from us, we will put any Nintendo Switch games you want in the SD Card you get from us, click the image here to see our SD Card service.

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