How to Unlock the Double Bladed Lightsaber Early in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If you have been playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or thinking of getting it, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get your hands on the double bladed lightsaber. After all, Darth Maul made it look pretty cool.

As it turns out, you can actually get it early in the game, but it can be rather tough. Keep in mind that you don’t obtain it as part of the main quests. It’s part of a side quest so you can actually choose to not do it.

You can start to look for the double bladed lightsbaer in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when you’ve completed Bogano. Doing so will let you travel to two new locations; Zeffo and Dathomir. The former is where the game will want you to go whereas the latter is actually for later in the game.

It’s particularly difficult to deal with enemies in Dathomir until you’ve gotten stronger. However, the idea here is to have minimal contact with enemies, get the double bladed lightsaber and get (yeet) your way out of there as soon as possible.

First off, head out of the ship and take a right to a climbable wall. Head up this wall and to the right and you will find a monster that will look over as you go. At the top of the wall, proceed to the ledges on the right and look for an alcove. You will need to wall run up to reach a higher level.

Then, head up to look for another climbable wall and proceed higher. There will be some spiders that you can fight but we recommend just running past them. At the top, you can turn around to find a branch that can be used to reach a wooden crane-like structure.

Proceed to the wooden branch and fight a few spiders. You can actually cut the crane structure to create a shortcut down to the area you originally climbed from. However, don’t go down here. You need to keep going until the path veers right, which will lead to a big doorway.

A cutscene will be triggered which introduces you to the locals; a Night Sister and her Night Brother warriors. You’ll have to defeat the Night Brother warriors and head out the back of the room. There will be two ropes to swing you to a Meditation Spot. Use the ropes and prepare to fight a Night Brother and two archers.

After subduing them, head upstairs to a locked door. Proceed to go around to the right where one of the archers initially was and you’ll be ambushed by another Night Brother. Afterwards, there will be yet another ambush, so proceed to subdue all the enemies there. Then, proceed to move along the path and you’ll pass over the locked door, which should now be below you.

You will eventually find your way back inside where you can drop down on a Night Brother and a spider. You will then make your way back to the other side of the locked door, which you can now unlock for a shortcut back.

Proceed to look for a ledge that looks over a bridge with a cloaked figure on it. Drop down at this point and head left to find a workbench. This is where you will unlock the double bladed lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Now, you can proceed to wreak havoc in style or just enjoy the game as you please.

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