Ikumi Nakamura and Hideki Kamiya want to make a new Okami game


Ikumi Nakamura, the former creative director of GhostWire: Tokyo, who has been visiting a number of game studios since leaving Tango GameWorks, has posted a six-second video with Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, who says, “Okami is going to be back,” and then gives a thumbs-up.

In the tweet itself, Nakamura said, “Okami is going to be back! We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. You guys want to see Kamiya’s Okami again, right, everyone? I want to work on it too!” Japanese text at the end of the tweet reads, “We want to make Okami again.” Both Capcom and the official Okami accounts are mentioned at the end of the tweet.

Ikumi worked at Capcom from 2004 to 2006, where she was an environment artist on Okami. Then, from 2006 to 2010, she worked at Platinum Games where she as a concept artist for Bayonetta. Okami was directed by Hideki Kamiya at Capcom.

None of this is to say a new Okami game is in development. The tweet seems to be meant to express interest in the creation of a sequel, and nothing more. However, it may be public campaigns such as these that could trigger Capcom to approve a sequel. That is how the Resident Evil 2 remake was given the green light.

In a followup tweet, Nakamura added, “I want to see simply great games and games that gamers want to play be developed. I don’t understand budgets and politics. I just want to continue to be a creator that can say that great things are great. Okami is one of those that have the power to overcome all of that.”

Watch the video below.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/10/ikumi-nakamura-and-hideki-kamiya-want-to-make-a-new-okami-game

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