I’m in love with Black Border Flowers ⊟ A sports anime but with…

A sports anime but with competitive card games is exactly what I’ve dreamt about my entire life – though I wanted something less like Yu-Gi-Oh, and more like What If Netrunner Was A Card Anime. Top table competitions just seem to translate so well as comics with exaggerated anime drama.

Patrick Crotty, who you might know for heading Peow (publisher of many fine comics), is fulfilling my dreams with Black Border Flowers, a “a sports-manga styled comic about competitive Magic,” available to read online for free!

“The story follows a cast of three main characters playing at a Modern Grand Prix in Honolulu. A brother and sister, both amateur magic players, and a Magic prodigy who has been inexplicably absent from the MTG scene are all dragged in to (due to some”’stuff’) a very dangerous high-stakes underground Magic tournament. Weird huh.”

There are only two chapters so far, but the artist will continue to the story if enough people show interest and support his efforts on Patreon. Backers will be able to help influence the story (e.g. “which cards and decks to play, sideboard options, which lines of play the characters should take”), access alternative pages, read behind-the-scenes posts, and more.

Even if you have little to no experience playing Magic the Gathering, you can get by fine with the comic and still enjoy the game’s matches. And if you do want to learn more, Patrick also put together one of the best introductions and illustrated guides on how to play the card game.


Source : http://tinycartridge.com/post/176231582852

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