Indonesian Muslim Group Issues Fatwa Declaring PUBG and Similar Games Haram

The popular online battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has been hit with a fatwa by an Indonesian Muslim group which declares the game, and also similar games, haram.

The Aceh Ulema Council has called on local residents to avoid playing PUBG and suggested that their local government to consider banning the game completely. The reason mentioned is because PUBG and similar games have the possibility of triggering violence and changing people’s behaviour.

Faisal Ali, deputy chairman of the Aceh Ulema Council, said:

Our fatwa says that PUBG and other similar games are haram (forbidden) because they can trigger violence and change people’s behaviour, It also insults Islam.

This religious edict came after officials in Iraq, Nepal and Gujarat banned PUBG over fears of inciting real-world violence. The Aceh Ulema Council were increasingly alarmed by the growing popularity of the game. This is especially the case with both children and adults playing PUBG Mobile on their smartphones.

Breaking the fatwa would not result in any punishments, but it was mentioned that the Aceh Ulema Council has been contemplating a similar call to ditch violent games altogether. It’s been said that talks about a potential fatwa came about with recent shooting incidents across the world which resulted in deaths and serious injuries. One of the more notable incidents is the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand which happened on March 2019.

Source: FMT

Pokdepinion: In my honest opinion, I personally don’t believe that games will cause people to turn violent. After all, I grew up playing Mortal Kombat, Doom, and other rather violent games, and I turned out just fine. However, I also believe that different people perceive things differently, and it might give them a different impression altogether. Because of this, I’m on the fence on the matter. What do you guys think? Should it be haram / something to avoid?

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