Japan Show Allegiance to Nintendo In Latest Sales Chart

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Japan is a big market in today’s gaming world. In fact, it’s home to collectible items that are unheard of elsewhere. So it’s no surprise that Sony intend on homing in on this particular consumer group far sooner with the PlayStation 5 than they did with the PlayStation 4. But that’s easier said than done.

Why? Because the formidable Nintendo is taking the country by storm. And if you’re looking for proof, look no further than the sales chart for the first week of the New Year. In it, you’ll see that you have to go down into the feeble twenties just to find a sony-compatible title; the mountain of games on top of that are Switch titles.


Now, surely, not even Famitsu’s language divide can soften that blow to the bods at the top. And it’s a circumstance that will no doubt cause a few to scratch their heads and do some calculations of their own. Whether those numbers suggest the market can still be won over is yet to be seen. They might even prove that the portable console still isn’t ready to die. Or maybe it’s just the country’s love of cutesy characters that’s driving the demand – a niche Nintendo has locked down.

All we know is Japan is loving the Switch at the moment, and Sony better have an ace up their sleeves to counter it.

Is your Nintendo Switch getting more love than the PlayStation? If so, why do you think that is? Let us in on your thought process in the comments box below.

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Source : https://pureplaystation.com/japan-show-allegiance-to-nintendo-in-latest-sales-chart/2020/01/

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