Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate: Bara no Seibo coming to Switch on December 19 in Japan

Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate: Bara no Seibo

Entergram will release Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate: Bara no Seibo for Switch alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions on December 19 for 6,050 yen, a listing on the Nintendo eShop reveals. A demo is available now.

Whereas the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions will be released in both standard and limited edition physical versions, the Switch version will be a digital-only release.

Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate: Bara no Seibo first launched for PC in February 2016. Here is an overview o f the story, via VNDB:

Because of his success in the events at St. Theresia Academy, Kisaragi Shuuji (Shield 9) has obtained a firm position within Aegis. That is, as the one in charge of “Crossdress Infiltration.” Since the previous events he has successfully completed several more assignments, and currently considers stepping down from the position. Unfortunately for him however, he has been tasked with just 1 more assignment. This time, his task involves another all-girls school similar to St. Theresia Academy. He has to run in the elections for student council president and success in obtaining the position.

Shuuji himself considers the operation to be impossible. To infiltrate the school alone, and run in the elections that take place within just 2 months from now? There’s no way that he can do it. Especially since apparently there are many dangers involved with the run for student council president. And who knows what other traps lurk within the shadows of the Academy? Will he manage to find his way through?

Visit the official website here.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/12/koi-suru-otome-to-shugo-no-tate-bara-no-seibo-coming-to-switch-on-december-19-in-japan

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