LEGO Batman 2: First Impression

Finally, after 2 or so days of having the game, I finally found a co-op partner… an 8-yr old boy. Unfortunately, this is where the game’s main problem lies; It shouldn’t be played as a co-op game. What I mean by this is that it gets WAY to hectic, with the split-screen element, as well as just plain disorienting for a number of reasons; trying to locate yourself amidst the shitstorm of studs and enemies, as well as it being very hard to aim your batarang in split-screen, though not always impossible. In the darker areas, it can be hard to keep track of your characters, especially with the split-screen problem and if there’s a large amount of breakable scenery; making it easy to kill the other player (you have unlimited continues, but studs fly from you after you die, and disappear after a while of not being picked up; though you’ll have a fair share of studs by the second level).

Now that I have that out-of-the-way, we can move on to what’s nice about this game. This game is notable for being the first LEGO adaptation game to feature voice-acting; the key-word being “adaptation”, since many original LEGO games have featured voice-acting before. The voice-acting is good; Troy Baker is great as Batman, Robin’s is nice too, and Lex Luthor’s is fantastic. The Joker’s is okay, certainly no Mark Hamill, but he’s does his wacky job right. The rest are great (and mostly Nolan North), with The Riddler standing out, in particular. The presentation is great, as are the graphics.

The gameplay is fun (especially by yourself), with many things to break, to collect, and puzzles to solve; mostly involving character-specific suits, brand-new from the first. In the first two levels, alone, you (spoilers, maybe) get an invisibility x-ray outfit and bomb outfit for Batman; but Robin get’s the coolest toys, with an acrobatic outfit, that allows you to get up high, and turn into a ball; and a magnetic suit that lets you walk up blue walls, meaning that many times, Batman will forced to wait patiently on the ground floor.

I’ll play past the first two levels tomorrow, and may post another impression blog about this game in the future. Thank you for reading this, I hope I may have influenced you to go out and pick yourself up a copy of this game; especially since it’s only $20 ($30 Vita); and for those who do have it, tell me in the comments your opinion on the game (no spoilers, please). rigbybot127, signing off.

James Flaherty

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