Listening to this lovely track as self-care 🎵 hey let’s go…

apple picking (ft tofuku)

Listening to this lovely track as self-care 🎵 

hey let’s go down where the river meets
and frolic around among the trees where
we can pick a couple apple treats
and then lay around peacefully (okay) on the beach

This dallying Animal Crossing-inspired song comes by way of Leon’s re:treat, a new album he describes as “a reinterpretation of 24 background songs from Animal Crossing; a reflection on solitude, hope, and healing; a retelling of a midsummer’s day; a retreat”. I’ve had it on in the background while working since yesterday, and it’s help me feel a little less regretful that I’m not spending the afternoon outside in this unusually gorgeous weather.

All 53 minutes of re:treat are available on Leon’s Soundcloud, or you can stream it and enjoy Aliana Wong’s art/animation in the Youtube video below:

I wish more songs on the album had vocals from Tofuku like the embedded “apple picking” track, but this is just an opportunity to dive into her Soundcloud for more of her music. Thanks to Club Tiny member @harpermd for the tip!


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