Lost Soul Aside aiming for 2020 release

Lost Soul Aside

PlayStation China Hero Project action game Lost Soul Aside is aiming for release in 2020, according to a Xinwen Zongheng report.

While development on Lost Soul Aside began as a solitary venture by creator Yang Bing, he is no longer a one man studio. Now with his own team at Ultizero Games, different tasks such as scripting, props, characters can be assigned to team members during the development stage.

“The milestone in 2020 is to release this game,” Yang Bing said.

“We are shaping the game as best as we can do, not just only for the players who keep supporting us, but also for our investors to have a better business return,” Yangbing said. “In the long run, I hope that we can let this IP travel further, by accumulating experience, so that our team may deliver something not just in this genre, but also in other genres.”

Thanks, Sohu / @ZhugeEX.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2020/01/lost-soul-aside-aiming-for-2020-release

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