Luigi’s Mansion 3 ‘ScreamPark’ multiplayer modes gameplay

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo has released a new, 13-minute gameplay video of Luigi’s Mansion 3 showcasing the game’s “ScreamPark” multiplayer modes.

The following three modes are showcased:

  • Ghost Hunt – Defeat ghosts to earn points! The team with the most points wins. Some ghosts are worth more points than others, so pick your targets carefully! There may even be a special ghost hiding in the gravestones!
  • Cannon Barrage – Earn points by using your cannon to break targets. The team with the most points wins. Work together with your teammates to collect cannonballs, load the cannon, and fire! Don’t forget that you can steal another player’s cannonball using the Suction Shot!
  • Coin Floating – The team that collects the most coins wins. Don’t pop your floaty on the mines that fall from above or you’ll drop all of your coins!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is due out for Switch on October 31.

Watch the footage below.

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