Malaysian-made Game Kluno: Hero Battle Launched on Android – When Puzzle Meets MOBA

by Aiman Maulana

What happens when you mix the puzzle game genre with MOBA? You get Kluno: Hero Battle, a game made by award-winning Malaysian development studio, Gameka.

Malaysian-made Game Kluno: Hero Battle Launched on Android

When you think of puzzle games, you generally think of something to ease your mind or a fun game to pass the time. Usually the competitive aspect hits if there’s a high score you can beat but generally, it’s a casual game for everyone to enjoy.

But what if you have a puzzle game that can truly be a competitive game with potential for eSports? This might just be the one.

The folks over at Gameka, a Malaysian game development studio, has finally launched their fast-paced competitive puzzle game, Kluno: Hero Battle, for Android devices via the Google Play Store. This marks the 3rd entry in Gameka’s Kluno game series after A Kid’s Dream and Oogly’s Escape.

Kluno’s popularity rose after it was nominated for several international gaming competitions. The game was a finalist at the Indie Prize Awards at Casual Connect 2018 in Los Angeles, USA for the category of ‘Best Multiplayer Game’ and was a nominee at both the 2nd International Mobile Gaming Awards and Indie Prize Asia 2017.

Gameka’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Narishvin Sukumaran, said:

We at Gameka are truly humble for this incredible opportunity. To develop a game for such a mega hit platform. It’s a dream come true for any game studio. We plan roll to out an early access version of the game on the Switch platform by the end of Q4 this year

With the release of Kluno: Hero Battle on Android, Gameka is still planning to launch a few more games sometime this year. We’ll hear more about it as soon as information becomes available.

Kluno: Hero Battle is a free game that is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Pokdepinion: You’d be surprised how fun the game is. If you have some familiarity with Bejeweled and Candy Crush, it should be pretty easy to get into the game.

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