Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Complete Edition for PS4 and Switch delayed to 2020

Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Complete Edition

Publisher Unties and developer Primary Orbit have officially delayed the release of Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift Complete Edition for PlayStation 4 and Switch from its previously planned 201 release window to 2020.

In a message posted on Twitter, the developer said that the game was delayed “based on the idea that there is room for further quality improvements,” iterating that “this is not a simple port, we’re working hard to deliver a significantly evolved game.”

Additionally, since Yuzu Hinase, the voice actor for both Mylne and Rozalina, is currently on a work hiatus, the voice actor for each character will be changed.

Marchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift first launched for iOS and Android in March 2017 in Japan, followed by PC worldwide in May 2018. Here is an overview of the PC version, via its Steam page:


Freely roam a fully 3D-rendered mystical forest together with Mylne, a young girl residing at a magical apothecary!

One day, Mylne’s grandpappy, a master apothecary, requests that she find and gather some potion ingredients. Though no stranger to the forest and its curiosities, gathering ingredients is a first for Mylne, and she is at a loss of where to begin. You, esteemed players, are tasked with ensuring that Mylne becomes a master apothecary.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry! The mystical forest is chock full of small wonders! Fishing, trivia, training, and even dungeon exploration awaits you! Includes a plethora of fun minigames!

Your free-roaming adventure begins!

Key Features

  • Gather Ingredients – Complete a variety of events hidden throughout the forest to gather ingredients for potions! The controls are simple: just check any places of interest!
  • A Variety of Minigames – Trivia, fishing, and even battles!? Minigames are hidden away somewhere in the forest. Enjoy some minigames, or just play straight through the main story―how you play is up to you!
  • Collect, and Collect Some More! – Your created potions and caught fish are put on display in Mylne’s room! Let your inner completionist run wild!
  • Enjoy Multiple Playthroughs! – Complete the game by simply making a potion! Keep playing to unlock new areas while keeping potions made in previous playthroughs! Create new potions to unlock different areas in your next playthrough!
  • Complete Act 1 and Watch the Credits Roll – You’ll know you’ve completed Act 1 when a song plays and the end credits roll.
  • But Wait! The Game’s Not Over! The Door to Act 2 Opens! – If you restart the game after watching the ending, the door to the gameplay-packed Act 2 will open! Get ready to experience a whole-new side of Marchen Forest!

Watch a new trailer below.

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