Megaton Musashi to be released for PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android; Jump Festa 2020 teaser trailer

Megaton Musashi

Megaton Musashi will be available for PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android when it launches, developer Level-5 announced. A release date was not announced. A Jump Festa 2020 teaser trailer was also released.

Here is an overview of the game, via its newly re-launched official website:

Customize Your Own Robot! A Cooperative Robot Action RPG

Freely mix and match parts to customize a robot all your own. The amount of potential combinations is endless!

Destroy Forces from Another Planet with Online Cooperative Play

Jump Festa 2020 Exhibit

The Switch version of Megaton Musashi will be playable at Jump Festa 2020, which runs from December 21 to 22. Players will be able to control one of three robots—Musashi, Gaudia, and Sparkman—and fight cooperatively with a friend against the alien force known as “Dracter.”

Watch the teaser trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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