Microsoft unveiled IllumiRoom

[youtube id=”ZhvrOkaDxAY”]


Announced during the Samsung’s keynote at CES 2013, Microsoft took the opportunity to unveiled a new technology called IllumiRoom, in which transforms a living room or any room with a TV in it into a virtual experience, inviting you to play inside a game world than just from your room. IllumiRoom is stated on uses Kinect and a projector to augment the area surrounding a television screen with projected visualizations to enhance the traditional living room entertainment experience” and “can change the appearance of the room to further extend the field of view and thus enables an entirely new gaming experience.

As shown in the video link above, in my opinion, it looks very promising and undeniably awesome to have in any household. Plus, it’s something newly innovative that may turn the tables in future sales and also on lifestyle concepts. Sony should be the king of the living room with this impressive technology but who knows, maybe sony will come up with something similar, only god knows what it may be. Anywho, I presumably thought of how future-proof this technological impact it may have on all game developers.

The only doubt in everyone’s mind is whether IllumiRoom will be implemented solely for the next-gen Xbox or assumably the next line-up in the Kinect technology. Do give your thoughts in the comment below on this.

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