Mobile Legends Support Guide For Beginners

Playing as support for your team? Well, we’ve got some tips for how to successfully be useful support for your friends and lead your team to victory. The support role is not a popular one in games, everyone would much rather be front and centre to gain glory for their mates. This is why being in the support role, you are the black sheep that could help your team reach greater heights.

In this guide, we’ll be touching on the best character to use, some tips and tricks to start you off and what you should be focusing on in the support role.


Hero Build Tips

Your build depends on the position you will be taking in your team. A support role can act as a healer, buff, distraction and more. All in all; builds will depend on your characters and what you want to focus on. For now, we’ll show you a build for Diggie, Kaja and Rafaela as some of the most favoured supports in the game.



  • Emblem: Support Emblem
  • Dominance Ice helps increase physical defence, grants speed boosts and increases mana.
  • Athena’s Shield grants health regeneration and HP, increase magic defence and prevents him from being slain.
  • Demon Shoes for mana regeneration with a speed buff.
  • Fleeting Time boosts magic attack damage and lessens their cooldown.
  • Lightning Truncheon works well with the other items by adding more mana and increasing magic damage while lowering down skill cooldowns.
  • Immortality grants more health points and Diggie can resurrect with 20% health and a temporary shield.


  • Emblem: Support Emblem
  • Arcane Boots for magic penetration.
  • Necklace of Durance to reduce enemy regeneration and decrease the durability of most heroes.
  • Holy Crystal to increase magic attacks.
  • Shadow Twinblades to increase movement speed, provide magic lifesteal and deal extra damage.
  • Calamity Reaper for mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and true damage.
  • Fleeting Time to reduce his ultimate cooldown by 35%.



  • Emblem: Support Emblem
  • Enchanted Talisman for increased HP and magic power, cooldown reduction and mana regeneration.
  • Wizard Boots for increased movement speed; increased HP and more gold for kill assists.
  • Ice Queen Wand increases magic power, mana regeneration and movement speed. Slows down enemies as well.
  • Dominance Ice increases mana, armour, critical chances and reduces cooldown while slowing down enemies.
  • Courage Bulwark for increased HP and regeneration, allies attack and defence will also increase while damage received decreases.
  • Blood Wings for increased magic power and HP.


Best Support Heroes

The meta is constantly changing, but if you want to stick to solid support characters here are our recommendations for you. 


S Tier: Diggie, Kaja, Rafaela, Floryn

A Tier: Angela

B Tier: Carmilla, Estes

C Tier: Faramis


Diggie has decent crowd control with his Slow Pull skill and his second skill Reverse Time could help against heroes with high mobility. He’s essentially unkillable and can provide shields for his allies. Diggie can transform into an Egg when killed and can then be revived, so you should reposition yourself well if you decide to use Diggie.

Kaja’s first skill has powerful AoE damage, and his crowd control skill cannot be cancelled. He is a counter for Fanny and deals high damage with long CCs. Kaja can be a scary ganker for others to deal with, he can weaken targeted enemies with his ultimate. In a support role, Kaja would be a good assist to help you with more kills and help your team get ahead.

For Rafaela, she’s mainly a great healer with great burst damage and mobility. She can sustain pretty substantial damage with crowd control skills up her sleeve. She gets more untouchable when you reach mid to late game as she levels up, so you can focus on healing your allies rather than yourself. 


General Tips & Tricks

Figure Out Your Position

In order to properly build your character and be of use to your team, you would need to figure out your role and what you can bring to the table. Does your team need a healer? A gank? A spy? A hero to assist them? All this should be decided before you settle on a character and a build. 

Take into account what your teammates’ roles are and plan from there. This way you can support your team better and strategize to achieve victory.


Early, Mid, Late Game

Each stage of the game would require a different approach for you to succeed so make sure to take note of the changing strategies and which to employ. For the early game, your job is to assist kills and take damage. This is to help your allies farm and level up faster so they can be strong enough to hold their ground. In order to take less damage, make sure to push enemies away or stun them.

For the mid part of the game, you can initiate team fights and mainly shield your allies. Your main role is to shield your marksman while taking down your enemies’ marksman. It is also important for you to have some form of healing ability available here to protect and heal at the same time. If you get ganked, your job is to get your allies out alive, especially the marksman.

For the late game, be aggressive and initiate more team fights. But only make sure to initiate when you have an advantage on your side, especially in terms of numbers. Keep in mind that you will have to keep shielding, healing and stopping anyone from inflicting significant damage on your marksman as he is your main damage dealer.


Simple Reminders

You don’t need protection if you are in a support role. Your job is also to scout the field and enemy locations aside from healing and shielding your marksman and allies. Don’t let anyone bring you down, supports are one of the most important roles in a team. Without your support, the team will fracture immediately and your team will lose. Always be on the lookout for missing enemies, they could be planning to gank your team.


Final Thoughts

Playing a support role requires a lot of patience and skill, especially when it comes to strategizing the best way to protect your team. Hopefully, this support guide would be of some use to you if you are new to the game or beginners in the support role. Either way, make sure to get some Mobile Legend Diamonds over at OffGamers right here if you need them!

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