Naughty Dog is Hiring PC Developers for The Last of Us 2

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Fresh off the back of last week’s revelations that Sony will be releasing at least some of its first-party portfolio on PC, a new snippet has emerged and, depending on which way you look at it, it’s either a good thing or the worst thing since polio.

A job listing on Naughty Dog’s official website states that the developer is looking for programmers to help in the development of The Last of Us 2, and naturally this has started tongues wagging. The job description states that the ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge with various GPUs, such as AMD and Nvidia.

For reference, the PS4 and PS4 Pro utilise chips produced by AMD, not Nvidia. To that end, then, it’s assumed that Naughty Dog is working on a PC version of The Last of Us 2, because why else would the developer need staff with experience in Nvidia technology? It could just be that Naughty Dog wants to hire the most capable people possible, or it could be a sign that more PlayStation exclusives will be making the leap to PC. For some fans, this is akin to betrayal. You need only look on Twitter or various gaming forums to see fans raging that their console won’t be the only place to play first-party games. It’s a bit silly, isn’t it?

The Last of Us 2 is set to release on May 29th, 2020 and will be, probably, exclusive to PS4. Who bloody knows anymore.

Source: Naughty Dog

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