NES Classic Edition Review: A Bite-sized Blast From The Past

NES Classic Edition Mini

I remember playing all the games on my NES back in the 90s. This is the NES Classic Mini, the updated remake of the good old classic for modern television today. It’s got almost everything for the geek inside and the geek outside your life. The same, iconic design of the console is now made into a smaller shell with almost the same plastic used in the original NES. The differences between the old and the new are pretty straightforward. It’s way smaller, you get 30 game titles installed and you can’t add more.

Here’s what you get with NES Classic Mini :

  • NES Mini
  • Built-in 30 classic game titles
  • One NES Classic controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cable (USB)
  • AC Adapter (US Only)

What it already offers are pretty much good reasons why you should get one. It’s compact, and convenient to bring around. It’s a timeless classic that doesn’t require alot of power to run (5V/1A). The same look and feel you got then is still here, like the button being occasionally hard to press, and even the controller ports being their retro proprietary design. It’s priced at $59.99 (RM270), if you bought it in the US. In Malaysia, it will set you back a bumped up RM499. Additional controllers are available for RM85 (or $9.99 in the US).

But as for something like this, we weren’t quite satisfied with some of the features that the NES Classic Mini has. The first thing that blew my gasket was the fact that the controllers were just 2.6 feet long. Yes, it’s just like it’s older, bigger brother but I’m sure it wouldn’t kill anyone if it they added just another .5 or 1 foot extra. It has 2 controller ports, so you can buy another controller and play it with a friend. We’re living in the age where the average TV is at least 42 inches, and sitting just 4 feet or less away will take a toll on our eyesight. It doesn’t use the same controller ports like its older brother. In its place is the Wii Remote’s accessory connector instead.

The fact that it has 30 built-in titles is great, but since they removed the cartridge slot, there’s no way to buy or add more new titles into your library. There’s no USB port either. So unless you know what you’re doing and want to tear it up and mod it yourself, there’s no other way. Enjoy your 30 titles to the max. It’s usually out of stock in KL since it’s quite the popular piece, but you can probably try your luck at the game stores around One Utama or Subang Jaya.

Here are the 30-built in titles you get with the NES Classic Mini

System and UI

The cute little box boots up in just a few seconds and you’ll be greeted with the main menu along with an 8-bit medley of all the Nintendo songs. It’s the most straightforward menu ever. Simply use your controller to scroll left and right to find the title you want to play and as always, press start. The bar on top of the game titles are the settings, including choosing your aspect ratio to suit your screen.

There’s also this nifty function of “selective suspension” where you can suspend your current gameplay and save it onto the bar outside the game to continue later. It’s convenient for those who want to play something else and not lose out on their current progress.

Pre-purchase tips

  • It’s HDMI only. You’ll need a compatible TV or Monitor for it to work.
  • Computer monitors work too, but will not have sound unless your monitor has a separate AUX port.
  • You can use any micro-USB port instead of the supply one if it’s too short or long for you.
  • It does not require an internet connection to function.
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We at Grit Geek promise to always uphold our high standards of content, to be always accurate and informative, and to always put your interests as readers before ours.


We at Grit Geek promise to always uphold our high standards of content, to be always accurate and informative, and to always put your interests as readers before ours.

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