New Mythic Pokémon Teased for Sword & Shield

It’s been known for awhile now that Pokémon Sword and Shield will be getting a new mythical Pokémon; indeed, it’s been known that a tease of said Pocket Monster would be coming soon to fans. That tease has made its way to the Japanese publication CoroCoro magazine. While the creature is veiled in shadow, this obscuring of its full form does little to distract from its imposing figure (image courtesy of PokéBeach):

Large claws and a hulking torso accompany what appears to be a simian-like lower body and tail. There’s a bit more to glean from the image, as there are some striking physical similarities between the new Pokémon and the new human character that’s been shown off in the trailer for the upcoming Pokémon movie Coco. In the trailer, the character appears to have arm wrappings that look similar to the bulges on forearms of the silhouette of the Pokémon shown off in CoroCoro. This could suggest that the two have some kind of bond or connection. Check out the trailer for Coco, below, to see for yourself:

Eventually, fans will be able to see the full reveal of this new Pokémon on February 27, this year’s Pokémon Day. Coco, meanwhile, will release in Japan on July 10. We’ll continue to update as we learn more!

Source: CoroCoro Magazine

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