New releases for the week of Monday, January 13, 2014

ac liberationA bit more in the way of releases as we head into the second full week of the new year. This week is highlighted by the release of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD, with the game being redone for consoles and the PC as its ported over from the PlayStation Vita. New missions have been added along with the graphical upgrade, so we get a bit more insight into our heroine, Aveline. Home video is getting its share of releases this week, with critical favorites Lee Daniels’ The Butler and Fruitvale Station making their debuts, along with the horror film You’re Next and the remake of Carrie. And Vin Diesel’s character of Riddick gets to take on yet another hostile planet with nasty beasties. The big screen has a little something for everyone as well- a new thriller (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), a comedy (Ride Along), a horror flick (Devil’s Due), and a family animated movie (The Nut Job). So let’s get to our list, shall we? And remember, release dates, as always, are subject to change.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD- PS3

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (all three chapters will be available: The Eye of the Sphinx, Ancestry of Lies, and A Murder of Ravens)- PS3

Age of Zombies- PlayStation Vita

Doodle Devil- PlayStation Vita

Mexicana: Deadly Holiday- PC

Aeterno Blade- Nintendo 3DS

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise- PC

The Banner Saga- PC


Lee Daniels’ The Butler


Enough Said


You’re Next

Fruitvale Station

Spectacular Now

Short Term 12

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD- PC, Xbox 360

Dr. Luigi- Wii U

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past- PC

Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure- Nintendo 3DS

Friday, January 17, 2014


Rambo: The Video Game- PC, PS3

Mario Party: Island Tour- Nintendo 3DS


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Ride Along

The Nut Job

Devil’s Due

That’s it for this week’s list. Anything you’re excited about? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Til next time…

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