Nintendo 3DS Firmware 11.13.0|Is it safe to update for Homebrew and CFW?

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 11.13.-45 arrived on December, 2rd. Surprisingly, this new update really addresses some problem, “resolved an issue of Streetpass”. But besides that, nothing has changed on V11.13.0 from the V11.12. So if you still want to mod or hack your 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL console, you are safe to update to use any of the following homebrew exploits, CFW and Flashcards.

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 11.13.0-45

Resolved an issue where StreetPass would not work in some cases.

There doesn’t seem to be anything meaningful included in this system software update. The changelog mainly mentions resolving an issue with the StreetPass functionality which would not work in some. It is possible that this update aims to stop any exploits of the console since the security of the 3DS was cracked wide open with exploits by hackers.

Because, at the Chaos Computer Congress in late December, NbaYoh will give a talk on how to hack 3DS consoles via StreetPass – so it would be better to patch in if it’s related to it.

Hombrew Status on 3DS V11.13.0

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The following homebrew exploits can work on 3DS Firmware 11.13.0-45 consoles, after tested. Boot9Strap, Ntrboothax, they are the 3DS bootrom bug, so No firmware update can block or patch them. 

  • OOThax: Works
  • Steelhax: Works
  • Stickerhax: Works
  • Pichax: Works
  • Seedminer: Works
  • Boot9Strap/ntrboot: Works
  • A9LH: Works
  • HBL Loader (Rosalina): Works

CFW Status on 3DS V11.13.0

It seems like we got an actual bugfix this time. Nothing should be changed from 11.12, all of the following CFW work as before.

  • Luma3DS: Work
  • CakesFW: Works
  • ReiNAND: Works
  • Rei-Six: Works (emuNAND only)
  • NTR CFW: Works

Which R4 and 3DS Flashcard works on V11.13.0-45?

Mod3dscard has tested all of the below flashcards, they are playing DS games, 3DS games, Homebrews well on V11.13.0-45 consoles. Among them, if you want to choose the best ds flashcart, that’s the Ace3ds plus, the best R4 card, that’s the R4i gold 3ds plus, the best 3ds flashcard, without any doubt, it’s Sky3ds+.

  • R4i gold 3ds plus: Works, best R4 card without Timebomb for playing DS games and installing CFW.
  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts: Works
  • R4i b9s: Works, only for installing CFW with NTRboot method.
  • R4i gold pro 2020: Works
  • R4i dual core/R4isdhc rts lite 2020: Works
  • R4i gold eu 3ds:Works
  • Ace3ds Plus: Works, Cheapest DS flashcard and without Timebomb.
  • Ace3ds X: Works, best DS Flashcard without Timebomb for playing DS games and installing CFW.
  • Stargate 3DS: Works, play both DS&3DS games.
  • Sky3ds+: Works, best card to buy for play Free 3DS Games.

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