Nintendo E Shop Update (3 June 2016)

First off, before we go to this week’s usual E Shop update, I should inform everyone (again) that Capcom is currently doing their spring sale until 6th June. The Sonic franchise also has a bit of a sale, but the only noteworthy one would be Sonic Generations. That’s it.

Now then, onto what’s new this week!


Metroid Prime Hunters (DS VC, USD 9.99): I know that at one point, this is one of the rarest games you can find in the world. Well, at one point that is. Now, it’s available on the WiiU. Make no mistakes, this is a solid Metroid title in the Prime series.

WiiU Sales

The Trine series is back on discount and will be discounted until 23rd June 2016.


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (SNES VS, N3DS only, USD 7.99): I’m not sure why DKC3 is getting the highlight. More attention should have been given to DKC2 at least. To me that is. At least that’s one more for the SNES VC library.

You know where to get your Nintendo E Shop Cash Codes right? If not, click what I just wrote and highlighted.?

– Kyo’s Gamemart Leet Gamers Asia
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