Nintendo Indie World: Come Live The Good Life

Japanese developer White Owls has an interesting new title up its sleeve with The Good Life. A “debt repayment RPG,” The Good Life is a game where the people in a small British town transform into cats and dogs when the moon comes out. Give it a look:

In the town of Rainy Woods, reporter Naomi is working to reduce her debt, but also coming to terms with a mystery at the heart of her new home. The game is the brainchild of designer Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as SWERY. That’s a name which will be familiar to fans of the game Deadly Premonition, a true cult classic. The Good Life was originally a crowdfunded effort that fell short of a Switch stretch goal, but apparently something or someone has stepped in to bring the game to Nintendo fans.

The Good Life launches later this year. Are you interested? Tell us on social media and in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Indie World 03.17.20

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