Nintendo Indie World: Summer in Mara Coming to Switch

Chibig Studios is comprised of a pair of Spanish developers who will be bringing their new game Summer in Mara to Nintendo Switch. It’s a tropical adventure about a kid named Koa who ventures out to sea in order to learn more about its secrets. Here’s the trailer:

Summer in Mara seems to mix a bit of the farming simulation of Harvest Moon with the ocean exploration of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. There are 30 islands to explore and 20 different characters to interact with. It’s another timed-exclusive on Switch, and for those who get in on the action when Summer in Mara launches this spring there will be exclusive in-game gear to take advantage of.

Will you be setting out with Koa? Tell us below and on social media!

Source: Nintendo Indie World 03.17.20

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