Nintendo Stops Shipping Switch in Japan

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought various industries to a screeching halt across the globe, including the manufacture of a number of different electronics. This includes Nintendo Switch. Shortages in the US and UK have been well documented, with some desperate consumers confined to quarantine spending very high sums of money in order to procure a console for themselves. Sadly, these shortages don’t seem as though they’ll be coming to an end anytime soon. Nintendo of Japan released a Tweet discussing how the system will soon cease to be shipped to retailers and consumers in the region:

In short, only existing reservations of the console (both regular and Lite iterations) will be fulfilled in the immediate future. When Nintendo will be able to resume the manufacture and sale of its highly popular system is up in the air, as the world continues to grapple with the need to hunker down and stave off the threat of the coronavirus. We’ll continue to monitor the situation here and relay any changes to you all.

Source: Nintendo of Japan Twitter Account

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